Rethink + Reset – Impact

During the lockdowns of COVID-19 at DBC we decided to take our leadership skills and create a program to help businesses facing many great and rapidly evolving changes and challenges. We worked with our amazing Las Vegas based partner Amy McKee from Results Over Reasons and our skills sets compliment each other perfectly and bring a well rounded set of leadership skills and expertise to the table.

We quickly worked together to craft a great new leadership workshop to help businesses get back to business post COVID-19. The workshops help leaders navigate the vast changes they are facing by first understanding how they have been affected by shutdowns and changes in how we do business.

When we start working with a company we ask a series of questions that we think all leaders should be asking themselves right now. To share some early thoughts and help those currently facing great dilemmas we decided to start a series of 10 livestream videos to talk about these 10 topics and I am delighted to post them here in my Insights blog.

The first question is “What is the IMPACT of the current environment on your business” in which we discuss the impacts financially, for your workforce, for your clients, on your operations and for your key stakeholders such as investors or board members.

Please enjoy the video here.

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