Rethink + Reset – 4 Types of Business during COVID19

After much discussion about the impact of COVID19 on businesses, Amy and I realized that 90% of businesses can be categorized into one of four types of business depending the particular impact on their business. Learn what they are and decide which your business is and learn how best to react as a result. Enjoy the discussions.
10 Questions for Business Owners & Leader – 4 Types of Covid Businesses

Today we cover the last topic in the series – A tool to help businesses jumpstart to what strategy they should take to recover and thrive in a posts Covid19 world.

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Friday, 29 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Community

Our discussion today centers around Community, what you have done to support it, how it can in return support you and how you can keep your internal community strong as we emerge from COVID19. Enjoy the conversation.
10 Questions for Business Owners & Leaders – Community

Covid19 has brought out the best and worst of the business environment. As we begin to wrap up the 10 Questions every Business Owner & Leader should ask themselves in a Post Covid19 world, Donald and Amy explore the questions around Community that every business leaders should be asking themselves as we re-emerge from this great disruption in business.

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Leadership

In one of our most popular episodes we share our view of the five most important traits of leadership that leaders must focus on as they emerge from COVID19. Positivity, Urgency, Creativity and Innovation, Vision and Communication & Empowerment. Enjoy the conversation.
10 Questions for Business Owners & Leaders

Today's FB Live is #8 in a series of 10 Questions for Business Owners & Executives.As the coronavirus not only impacts the lives and livelihoods of people, the business environment has been equally impacted.In this very fluid state of change, several things are becoming clear on what will help businesses and organizations adapt quickly.Have you considered what is needed to lead your organization in thriving in this age of disruption?

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Product

This episode examines the importance of looking at your product or service to ensure it is still relevant post COVID19 and surveying your clients to ensure you are selling what they need. Enjoy the discussion.
10 Questions for Business Owners & Leaders – Products

With the change in buyer psychology and the demand for different products and services, it is important for any business to evaluate their products and make sure they are best positioned to fill the needs of consumers.

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Friday, 22 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Service Culture

In this episode of Rethink + Reset we discuss the importance of having a strong service culture as we emerge from COVID19 (and generally) and the power of a meaningful service culture statement. Enjoy the conversation.
10 Questions for Business Owners & Leaders

Overnight, many businesses have experienced a loss of customers thanks to the Covid19 world. For those remaining, have a culture of service that makes you stand out will be the difference between a growing market share vs. possible going under. Set yourself apart by evaluating how your service culture is positioned to create loyal customers now and in the future.

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Values

In this episode from our Rethink + Reset series we consider why leaders should re-evaluate their company Values based on the impact of COVID19 on their business. Enjoy the conversation
10 Questions for Business Owners & Leaders

Want fewer arguments within your business?Want to have a team who works together at a high level of performance? Want your organizations to make collaborative decisions quickly?With the disruption that Covid has presented in the world, the businesses who thrive will consistently have one thing in common. They know their values and they live by them. Today, we are talking about one of the most important things that helps organizations work more efficiently towards a common goal.

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Mission & Vision Statements

The third livestream video in our Rethink + Reset series asks leaders to take time to review their Mission and Vision Statements to see if they have to be reworked based on changes to their business as a result of the impacts of COVID19. Enjoy the conversation.
10 Questions Every Business Owner & Leader Should Consider in a Post-Covid19 World

With such much uncertainty in the immediate and near future, is your Mission and Vision from a few months ago still relevant or do they need to be updated? Perhaps your Mission needs to encompass more of what is most important to your clients today.Vision is closely tied to Mission as it is meant to give legs to the Mission. Now, with so much uncertainty and disruption, leaders may have a difficult time having a clear path ahead. With such much uncertainty in the immediate and near future, it may be difficult to have a vision for businesses.That's why I share the easy two step model I use with clients to help them have a clear vision for what they want in the future and how to get there.Donald and I want to hear from you!What do you think? What businesses do you see that need to re-evaluate their Mission in light of the new environment?What is your vision for the next 3 months? What about 6 months from now? 1 year?NOTE: we have a little celebration at the end, so be sure to watch until the end and celebrate with us! #Covid19 #BusinessConsulting #Impact #LocalandSmallBusinesses #leadership #LeadershipTips #businessoperations #managementconsultant #transformationalleadership #leaders #covidrecovery #managementconsulting

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Monday, 18 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Revelations

As part of our Rethink and Reset Series, please find our livestream video below that talks about how we recommend leaders think about things to change that are revelations from working through COVID19. It’s easy, we wan to focus on three different categories: Remain, Remove, Reduce. Enjoy the conversation.
10 Questions for Business Owners and Leaders – REVELATIONS

Today Donald and Amy is part 2 of what questions every Business Owner and Executive should ask themselves and know the answer to in a Post-Covid19 world.Today's topic is around REVELATIONS…. specifically, what business-related REVELATIONS have you had since Covid19?We would love to hear from you and get your perspective, so please comment below.#Covid19 #BusinessConsulting #Impact #LocalandSmallBusinesses

Posted by Rethink + Reset on Friday, 15 May 2020

Rethink + Reset – Impact

During the lockdowns of COVID-19 at DBC we decided to take our leadership skills and create a program to help businesses facing many great and rapidly evolving changes and challenges. We worked with our amazing Las Vegas based partner Amy McKee from Results Over Reasons and our skills sets compliment each other perfectly and bring a well rounded set of leadership skills and expertise to the table.

We quickly worked together to craft a great new leadership workshop to help businesses get back to business post COVID-19. The workshops help leaders navigate the vast changes they are facing by first understanding how they have been affected by shutdowns and changes in how we do business.

When we start working with a company we ask a series of questions that we think all leaders should be asking themselves right now. To share some early thoughts and help those currently facing great dilemmas we decided to start a series of 10 livestream videos to talk about these 10 topics and I am delighted to post them here in my Insights blog.

The first question is “What is the IMPACT of the current environment on your business” in which we discuss the impacts financially, for your workforce, for your clients, on your operations and for your key stakeholders such as investors or board members.

Please enjoy the video here.