Improve Your Service by Creating a Sense of Belonging

I have always said that I think a key part of a successful service culture is to create an environment that has a tangible sense of belonging. What does that mean? What does it feel like? What does it look like? What does it sound like?

It means that the leaders of the organization have been thoughtful about the type of person they want to hire. They have been deliberate in bringing like minded people into the business. That means that they don’t just hire for skill, but in fact sometimes they may hire without the skill required to do the job because they know they can train that. It means that they hire for attitude and because they have found someone that is like the others in the organization.

It feels like a place where everyone gets along. Now, like a family, everyone might not get along all the time, but they are a group of people that can respectfully work out their differences and continue to prosper together. It feels like a place where everyone is working towards a common goal together and they are willing to help each other at any time.

It looks like a place where everyone smiles at each other, everyone is shaking hands or “high fiveing” as they walk down the hallway. It looks like a place where everyone takes pride in how they present themselves. There are open gestures, people sit together but not always with people from their own department.
It sounds like a place where everyone has a kind word to say when they see each other. An employee restaurant or break room is always buzzing with chatter and laughter . . . not stony silence or just the sound of the TV. In one of my hotels, it was amazing to ride the service elevator where everyone talked to everyone else, no matter their department, uniform, nationality, background or position.
Have you taken time to think about the description of the people you want in your organization as much as you have about the job description of the positions you want to fill? If not this is as good a time as any other to start doing so.

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